Keep the Essentials

single drop

Recognize what is simple. Keep what is essential.

source: The Tao Te Ching
image: ETH/image files/single drop

Control the Mind

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Shut out the physical world.

Control the mind.

Then you will become free.






source: The Bhagavad Gita
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Dreams Are Made of This


It seems like just the other day (June-2007) I wondered how to best make use of my day

and learn something about the internet, blogging, and the world. The beginning was a meager

post of Native American art done in modern fashion. There were no responses. Undaunted,

I continued for some time experimenting with various topics and formats. There were some

responses, but no ‘likes’ for several years after beginning “Eddie Two Hawks”. Finally after

nearly 3 years running, I received my first ‘like’. The internet was growing and people were

beginning to discover the old “MSN Spaces”.  AOL and “MySpace” had already been around,

but it did not present the material in a manner I was looking for. In 2010, “MSN Spaces” was

absorbed by WordPress and things started happening however slowly for “Eddie Two Hawks”.

The site gained greater popularity and momentum and by 2012 it had hundreds of subscribers.

It is growing at a phenomenal rate. This is the 500th post published and it is sent to nearly

1600 inspiring subscribers speaking all languages everywhere around the entire world.




peace in our time, Eddie



image: Eddie Two Hawks, garden photos, gardenia, August 2014

Human Nature

white lotus reflections

If fool comes into the presence of wisdom, he still can’t comprehend it.

source: The Buddha
image: ETH/image files

How Many


How many births have I known
Without knowing the builder of this body!
How many births have I looked for him.
It is painful to be born again and again.

source: The Dhammapada
image: ETH/image files


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