One Unity

flying in formation

One intrinsic Unity enfolds all manifestations.

source: The Surangama Sutra
image: Bing/images/birds in formation

In Our Grove

catbird nesting

A catbird has her nest in our grove. We cast out strips of white cotton cloth

all of which she picked up and used. I saw a bird flying across the street

with so long a strip of cloth, or the like, the other day, and so slowly that at first

I thought it was a little boy’s kite with a long tail. The catbird sings less now,

while its mate is sitting, or maybe taking care of her young, and probably

this is the case with robins and birds generally.

source: Henry David Thoreau, June 1860
image: Bing/images/catbird nesting

Its Loving Embrace

Tibetan tantric  mandala

Before heaven and earth came into existence, there was only the One

which never changes. It exists in sacred silence, and It is unaffected by actions.

It holds all things in its loving embrace, but asks nothing for Itself.

What do I call this nameless One? I call it Tao.

source: The Tao Te Ching
image: ETH/image files/Tibetan Tantric Mandala

Inner Essence


“Wise are they who center their hearts on the inner essence

of things, not on outer appearances.”

source: Tao Te Ching
image: Eddie Two Hawks, Garden photos (caladium), June 2014

Guide the People


Grandfather, the flowering stick you gave me and the nation’s sacred hoop

I have given to the people. Hear me, you who have the power to make grow!

Guide the people that they may be as blossoms on your holy tree, and make

it flourish deep in Mother Earth and make it full of leaves and singing birds.

source: Sioux
image: Bing/images/Oglala Sioux Medicine Wheel


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