The Force

Unity of All Life


Recognizing the unity of all life,
one sees his own Self in all other beings.
This allows one to be impartial
about all things.

source: The Buddha
image: Eddie Two Hawks/image collection/Tree of Life, India

Each Other

Asiatic lilly

All things exits in pairs of opposites,
being dependent upon each other.
This cannot exist without That.
What is the power behind all this? I
recognize its presence in all things,
yet I cannot see its form.

source: Chuang Tzu
image: Eddie Two Hawks/image collection/Asiatic Lilly

No East or West


The sky has no east or west, nor does
not make any distinctions between
this and that. Distinctions arise
from the human mind alone.

source: The Buddha
image: Bing/images/clouds

The Dying Year


I mark the summer’s swift decline
The springing sward its grave clothes weaves
Whose rustling woods the gales confine
The aged year turns on its couch of leaves.

Oh, could I catch the sounds remote
Could I but tell to human ear-
The strains which on the breezes float
And sing the requiem of the dying year.

source: Henry David Thoreau
image: Bing/images/autumn colors


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