I shall suffer hard words

as the elepehant suffers arrows in battle.

People are people,

most of them ill-natured.

Only the tamed elephant goes into battle,

the king rides only a tamed elephant;

he who tames himself is best among men,

he suffers harsh words patiently.

Tamed mules are excellent,

Sindhu horses of good breeding, excellent;

excellent are elephants of war.

Most excellent, however, is the self-tamer.

For no animals take one to Nirvana,

only the tamed self sees  that untrodden land.

Consider the elephant Dhanapalaka,

temples glistening with rutting juice;

restless, he does not eat,

he pines for the elephant grove.

The glutton and the sluggard,

lapped in foolish sleep,

like hogs wallowing in filth,

find birth again and again.

There was a time when my mind wandered

freely, doing what it pleased;

now I must rule it, like the mahout

with his hook ruling the rutting elephant.

Check your mind.

Be on your guard.

Pull yourself out

as an elephant from mud.

If you have a friend sober, pure, and wise,

let nothing hold you back-

find delight and instruction in his company.

If you do not have a friend sober, pure, and wise,

walk alone-like a king who has renounced a conquered kingdom,

or an elephant roaming free in the forest.

Better aloneness than the friendship of a fool.

Walk alone like an elephant roaming free in the forest.

Be undemanding. Stay away from sin.

Friends give pleasure when needed.

Friendship is good when mutual.

Virtue’s a friend when one dies.

Giving up sorrow gives virtue.

To be a mother is happy,

to be a father is happy.

It is happy to be a recluse,

it is happy to be a saint.

Happy is virtue that lasts,

happy is well-rooted faith,

happy it is to be wise,

happy to avoid sin.



7 thoughts on “THE ELEPHANT

  1. well you gave me something to think about here eddie we all need friends at some time in life or someone that does something that is kind and thoughtful to another life at times can still be lonely even if you have people around elephants are big and strong and look out for each other even grieve a lost one life is a strange journey and i never can work out what its all about hmm but im still finding out xxjen

  2. The crashing elephant returns. There is always another morsal in this beautiful post of wise words. I hope you are well as can be and not crashing around too much also. Take care brother of spirit.

  3. In my mind sometimes I still think of this post and then think, ‘Do not be clumsy elephant.’ Some time ago I posted Elephant Prayer but I do not remember when. Take care. Have hours of serenity of comfort.

  4. I like it when I have the free hours to roam spaces and meditate on such discoveries. To write so well about knowledge of elephants and the need for self-taming, self-discipline and obedience. There is contentment in learning such arts of self-restraint and we are all too human natured. Thank you for sharing such wise words. I hope not to be an unruly elephant today.

  5. Yes it would be. I have had pets all my life, from that first dog, cats, fishes to hamster, turtles, rabbits, birds, and cats and dog again. I can’t imagine life without those gorgeous and loving members of a family. I always wanted to be a vet. But I am not. I am a social worker and working with people is difficult. So, it’s always a joy to come home. 😉

  6. That is so very good T. I bet Kyra feels a lettle strange without Inky around though. Wouldn’t the world be an uncomfortable and lonely place without animals to keep human beings company?

  7. Hey Eddie!Very nice wisdom.You know, I have another friend. Kyra – my dog, she came to live with me last year. Inky accepted her very well. Since his mum passed away, he was alone. And he didn’t know dogs at all. And Kyra didn’t know cats. Inky was old and Kyra is young. They were good friends, You can look at some photos of them in my space. So, although it’s so sad and painful he’s gone, I still have Kyra. I am such an animal lover and animals are really great! Hug,T

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