Value your self, look after your self.

Be watchful thoughout your life.

Learn what is right; test it and see;

then teach others-is the way of the pandit.

You are your own refuge;

there is no other refuge.

This refuge is hard to achieve.

One’s self is the lord of oneself;

there is no other lord.

This lord is difficult to conquer.

Diamond breaks diamond,

evil crushes the evildoer.

As the creeper strangles the sal tree,

evil overpowers the evildoer.

His enemy could not be more delighted.

Easy to do an evil deed,

easy to harm oneself.

Difficult to do a good deed.

very difficult indeed.

Like the khattaka tree, dead after fruit-bearing,

or cut down for the sake of it’s fruit,

the foolish man sows his own destruction

by mocking the wise, the noble, and the virtuous.

You cannot save another, you can only save yourself.

You do the evil deed, you reap the bitter fruit.

You leave it undone, your self is purified.

Better is your own Dharmma, however weak,

than the Dhamma of another, however noble.

Look after your self, and be firm in your goal.



5 thoughts on “YOUR SELF

  1. We are our worst enemy sometimes.. Been here already but can allows see more when read a second time.

  2. Meaningful and true~ Only you can control your mind, your heart and emotion. Pure heart doing good thing, polluted heart doing evil thing. It depends on which one you choose to.Bless you Eddie, good day!

  3. These are such good words you find to post & see similarity to Native American/First Nations traditions. Today I see the reminder that evil begets evil; that evil is powerful and the goal of evil is to snare the foolish (unwise), the prideful, etc. Thank you for these words Eddie.

  4. Yes I know how easy it is to get such into other peoples problems that drag you down. But if done with an open heart and love you can stay strong.

  5. This is a wonderful post Eddie, and it is so true. I believe we are the only ones that can bring about change and to accomplish what we want in life. " Learn what is right; test it and see; then teach others-is the way of the pandit." I love thought provoking stuff like this, keep em coming ^.^

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