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6 thoughts on “SPRING EQUINOX 2010

  1. Great choice of pics 🙂 Spring Equinox…celebration of the abundance of nature and the coming of spring…a time when days and nights become of equal lengths and light rules over dark…a time for Earth to blossom and us to find balance…and exuberance!!

  2. Hi Eddie, Like "sun" says LOL…. its great its lighter in the evening now. Our clocks change on the 28th this month so will be even lighter. So lovely to see the sun again & feel the warmth on the face….. Thought I’d never see it again…..lol

  3. I am really glad for more light during the day…doesn’t get dark til after 7:30 pm now…yesterday, I saw a crocus had bloomedin my garden…the geese are back in numbers, and we had a stunning 16 degrees celcius! Have a great day, Eddie! love, Katie.

  4. Yes, it’s great it’s not dark at 4 o clock now. Thank goodness for spring time. So glad I could see your pics, this time. They are amazing. Take care. Xx

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