Moving Day

Many people form ‘spaces’ have taken the plunge.

 New adventures await us. ‘Time (and the internet) waits for no one.’

 Just do it! Today Mercury is opposing my natal Sun and completely free

 of its retrograde zone for everyone. (what does that mean??)

Basicly…a great time for change…. Eddie is here!


14 thoughts on “Moving Day

  1. hi eddie here at last yes a change really was needed and here it is have a great week wise one xxjen

  2. Hello Eddie!
    Well written! I took the challenge and I am still working on it. It will take couple of months to figure it all out! 🙂 But I like it in here.
    See you around…

  3. Were so happy for your email.
    How nice that you are here as well, then I do not have to feel so alone.
    Wishing you a happy weekend! Hug

    • Very happy weekend to you Ann! I know it is easy for me to say but you are not alone. You have many friends myself included. If you feel the urge to write I am a click away. Hugs to you….Eddie

    • Delighted to find your site on WordPress. Inviting you came natual. Great October 1 with the temps dipping to 69 this morning! (not this cool since May) Had me looking for a sweatshirt! (still in shorts though) Love, Eddie

  4. Hello my friend,
    You did it, so glad to see you here and you got that so right on>>> ‘Time (and the internet) waits for no one.'<<< Good one.xx

  5. Hey Eddie! How brave of you to take the plunge! Enjoy the challenge…Wolfie is having a nervous breakdown but you being of calmer and more controlled disposition should be absolutely fine in your new virtual home! Glad you’re here…Icewolfie hugs 🙂

    • Icewolf hugs and plenty of support all around is always a great help beginning any new adventure. Happy to see YOU here my dear Wolfie. Happy to see you anywhere!

  6. A very warm welcome Eddie, is very good here 🙂 lots to learn but embrace the challenge.

      • Hello Eddie, how are you liking it, good hey 🙂 lots of new toy’s to play with…lol and widgets 🙂

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