7 thoughts on “MAYAN ELDER’S MESSAGE

  1. I am glad that you posted this video…a good message to send..don’t be afraid…people think sometimes that I live a very insular life and don’t see what’s out there, but I do..and I’m not saying that it isn’t quite frightening at times…look what Japan has suffered in these last months..more often, though, I see that when people respond with fear, it is often more dangerous to them than what has actually doesn’t change the reality or the devastating effect of the situation itself, and it is sometimes very difficult to rise above a circumstance that one reads or hears about…I have found that to be true in my own life..I think it would be wonderful if we could go day to day and keep this message within…don’t be afraid…love, Cathy.

  2. Thank you eddie for posting this video, I hope he is listened too… There is so much violence in the world at the moment.. will we live to the day when the world will be at peace? I dont think so.. not as long as mankind walks this earth… but we can try!
    Love and hugs
    Love, Summer Breeze

  3. My Dear Eddie, it seems we are both inspired to spread the Message of Peace!.. I too blogged with a Video Message..
    The Time is Now for us to take up our Missions we long forgot..This gentleman needs to be listened to… I have seen him speak before on Video..

    There are many who are trying to spread Fear once again.. We all need to find that place within and to embrace that Peace within our own Centres… And Live from our Hearts..

    Love and Blessings my dear Wise Friend..


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