A Harmonious World

Since growing up I’ve seen plenty conflict.

Sometimes it was between countries and neighbors

 and sometimes within families.

Mom and dad had  a few.  Money was an issue.  Mom stretched

 every single dollar; watched every single purchase.

 I heard ‘save, save, save’ again and again.

 We were never hungry though, and even on occasional

 ‘White Castle Burgers’ was a big treat and we

were thankful then for those little morsels.

What has changed since I was a child?

  Fortunate enough to afford a black and white TV

 the world was coming into our tiny living room.

Good things and bad things happening and beautiful things too!

What has changed since I was a child?

 Innocence faded  and the world opened wide

it wanted to swallow me whole but I held tight.

There were many paths to choose from.

 Kindness always won everywhere I went.

  Youth now far behind me, age of little relevance

desire filled my sails, and blow me out to sea,

amongst others of great diversity.

Together we grow to find port in noble lands

to fashion with positive thought

a harmonious world for all to seek.


source: Eddie Two Hawks, originally posted May 2011

“No man can reveal to you nothing but that which already

 lies half-asleep in the dawning of your knowledge.”

Kahlil Gibran



19 thoughts on “A Harmonious World

  1. Hello dear Eddie and dreamwalker, I remember those christmas’s dreamwalker… an apple, orange and a nut! LOL how I looked forward to that orange every year 🙂
    Eddie, yorkshire pudding is very yummy and if you add sausages to it, it becomes a toad in the hole hahaha. (have NO Idea why its called that! we have some very strange customs over here..LOL) 🙂

  2. A beautiful poem Eddie, it says soooo much we can relate to.
    There are times I have been told I am still quite naive…I know I am not, but the innocense of childhood has opened wide the wonderment of the Woman in me and this is amazing!

    BTW…I like the “A jug fills drop by drop”…profound.
    Reminds me of the movie, Camelot when King Arthor says “we are all but tiny drops in a vast sea, but some of those drops shine, THEY DO SHINE”!!!

    warm feathery,
    Raven xox

  3. Memories of our childhood years Eddie have such an effect upon our Adult ones.. One thing my childhood taught me was to respect others and I inherited my Dad’s love of nature. Loved your Poem Eddie Reading through the comments here I agree with Eclipse over your words and fully endorse her comment.. I remember too Summer going to my Grans and being given a crust of bread with jam on it to eat while I went home from school .. We never went hungry but there were no frills either, no snacking, sweets and biscuits ‘Cookies’ were a rare treat at weekends if we were lucky and oranges were only in the fruit bowl at Christmas, in fact any fruit was only in the fruit bowl at Christmas lol,and then we kids used to only get to sniff them lol… Oh and yes I remember my Dad would always buy me a Sugar pig ( sweet) at Christmas.. it was a joke which lasted way into my adults years.. Lovely post Eddie, one which has got us all going down memory lane.. Dreamwalker

  4. Love the poem Eddie, the simple words can show the power too… Although the past was tough it is the part of us and it formed us.
    “innocence has faded and the world opens wide
    it wants to swallow me whole but I hold on tight…” – great lines.
    Kindness is always the right way to go.
    Wishing you a wonderful day

  5. Hello Eddie.
    As a child it was an age of innocence that is so differant to the childhood of today. Or is it? My grandaughter is three now and enjoys the things that I did as a child.
    Anyway just to say I really enjoyed this post and… more please. 🙂

    • at 3 years old …electronics is the biggest change in a generation. some children today have electronic gadgets I never dream of as
      a child and probably you neither?
      thanks for stopping in and your kind remarks

  6. hi eddie things were tough in my childhood had a lovely mum though she never let us go hungry good thing she was the stronger and more compassionate parent a lovely person she used to make a big pan of panaggerty which i loved it was potatos carrots onions and sliced bacon all bolied toegether in gravy and home made yorkshire pudding yum wouldnt eat it now too many cals lol have a lovely week xxjen

    • I remember some foods as a child…I tried to forget them, but they are etched on my brain
      (canned spanish;it was horrible) as long as there are some good memories go along with all of them
      really love hearing your stories; never heard of panaggerty however; yorksire pudding I heard of but not sure
      what it is like…just never had any here in US
      love, Eddie

  7. Mieszkam w kraju ,który przeszedł tansformację ustrojową.żyłam jako dziecko w komuniżmie i wiesz jako dzieciak bawiłam się z innymi dzieciakami,prostymi rzeczami.Wspominam ten czas jako dobry,bo rodzice nauczyli mnie wszystkiego co mi jest ptrzebne w życiu,dziękuję im za to,za ich czas i mądrość.Very nice day…

  8. Times were tough as a kid, not much food around when I was small, I remember visiting my nan and she would say we could have bread and butter OR bread and jam, not both. Jam being jelly to you eddie, and jelly to us brits is jello to you …LOL 🙂 I know I’m waffling on, talking of waffles I used to LOVE waffles and maple syrip when over there YUM!! 🙂
    Lovely Blog,
    Summer Breeze

    • something I looked forward to on Sundays as child was fresh rye bread. (otherwise we had processed white)
      it was still warm from the bakery. I thought God was listening to my prayers back then (cause I hated white bread)
      I did not realize that ‘jelly’ to you is ‘jello’ to us
      I love waffles too! with maple syrip please…(homemade waffles are best!)
      thanks for sweet comment.
      love, Eddie

  9. Your blog made me remember how simple things were when I was young…I saw good things then and bad things..wondered if, when I grew up I’d understand better why people did the things they did…I grew up, but often I still don’t understand…innocence is something precious and so hard to hold onto..innocence changes to kindness when we grow, if we let it…and to wisdom..it is a great wisdom to continue to care, to be kind, to let others in, in a world that seems so cold and unresponsive…we can still find ourselves in the eyes (or the writings) of a friend..in so doing, we find hope enough to continue to grow, to change, to live in the now, and to pass on what we’ve found to someone else…love, Katie..

    • I have trouble remembering simple times…even the simple seems complicatied today;
      I am pleased that my written thoughts can be followed;
      your comments are very important to me Raven. thank you for openess
      and sincerety.
      love, Eddie

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