17 thoughts on “FREEDOM

  1. Interesting post…I notice freedom of speech in particular is a very abused right…in the sense that those who already have it seem often to feel they have the right to decide who else does and does not have the right to it according to their whim and fancy.

    • everyday LADY JUDE I recognize the freedom in my life and give thanks for them. thank you for your kind remark.

      human rights is not the topic here but is a matter of great importance in the entire world WOLFIE.
      standards and conditions by-which ALL CREATURES may live in harmony together is the ideal. this is the goal
      that needs to be set.

  2. This One image speaks volumes and shows how we as human beings have forgotten how we treat our fellow Animal Kingdom. As we disregard their right to be Free, as we shout and protest about our own Freedoms… I wonder Eddie, how Free we really are in this world where we adhere to the constraints of the Material Shackles we place around our own feet as we burden ourselves in Debt and Darkness of Greed, Control, as we have long forgotten also the Truth of who we once were..
    Wishing you a wonderful Week Eddie.. Dreamwalker 🙂

    • yes it does DREAMWALKER and when I saw it I was taken back by its impact on me. human beings
      are not fully aware of the results their lifestyle habits have had on Mother Earth.

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