Circles of Life

 LIFE arrives on the edge

 along a path etched eons ago

 with script already written

 many times one takes the final walk

 before disappearing back into the depths

 for friends family and lovers left

 tears and endless embraces remain

 the departing soul leaves for stories untold.

 Countless times living and dying have to face

 as the circles of life endlessly erupt

 only to lay dormant in times’ vacuum

 before beginning again on the edge.

Eddie Two Hawks 2011


16 thoughts on “Circles of Life

  1. Dont know how I missed this one Eddie.. ( The departing souls leavs for stories untold) I wonder how many times we have been around and around on that one Eddie.. And still it comes around again..
    Be well my good friend.

  2. Amazing how things come in cycles like Volcanic eruptions. I was looking at the huge blue boulders of an ancient volcano in Southern Utah. It was cooled suddenly and separated form liquid, like cottage cheese. The blue lava rock against the red rock and soil of the land is an awesome vision. We are but children in the journey of this beautiful place we call Earth. The Great Mystery of Life.
    Love this post, my dear friend.

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