Modern Marvels and Misfortunes

      Computers are a wondrous device providing many outlets. Efficient and fast they are the perfect answer from keeping in touch with friends to creative writing or storing photos and music. However, these devices do CRASH and take everything stored inside of them along with them when they do. This  happened recently in my life.

      Such mishaps are shocking and disabling. I learned from this incident. I can’t say that this will never happen again. I will say that taking precautions to safe guard precious material that has taken many hours to accumulate over the years is an absolute necessity.

      A new moon is perfect for new beginnings.  Today the moon is New in Aquarius. We are all equal in this world of change and ultra modernization. I salute change and completely understand that it does not happen without consequence.


20 thoughts on “Modern Marvels and Misfortunes

  1. Eddie, Sorry to hear that a computer crash happened to you, i believe it happens to most of us, But you learned lessons form it as i did, and safeguard has been in place.

    it is Chinese Year of Dragon, Wish you all the best !


  2. im not very technical eddie so hope nothing happens to mine i did loose all my photos once when my old pc gave up the fight hope your well i love dragons so hoping this year is a good one for me seing as my illness started in 2011 i cant say this year started bad im getting better this year three weeks into it hope your well my lovely friend always have sweet thoughts of you xxjen

    • the human body like computers suffer wear and tear
      if safeguards are not taken system failure may occur
      precautions and safeguards are recommended Jenny that may help
      however, not even the most meticulous individual is able to safeguard against all calamities
      love, Eddie

  3. Time back Some one hacked my account the one where i get my WordPress comments
    So now i dont have idea when or where i get mails.
    The MSN hotmail guys asked me private things to see if i was the owner.
    well i gave all i knew and still they said
    Ur not the owner
    I thought…What The F**** i lost some friends trough that hacking
    But Eddie..We have to be carefull
    and also when u get a mail even from ur best friend With one link in
    ‘Dont open. Or ur screen becomes pink and ur programms are ruined
    so im carefull even from my best friends.
    tc Ediie
    lots of hugs for u Full moon Its poja day in Sri Lanka

    • it is necessary to be completely careful online (or off) chicas
      precious material may be compromised or lost without knowing
      we learn this one way or another
      always love hugs, Eddie

  4. Oh you are so right Eddie, it is not without consequence. That is what happened to me before, it tooks months for me to get a new computer. Still what was lost is irreplacable.
    I am doing similiar to what Wolfie wrote of. I am double saving on disks and USB Flash Drives, I need to get a External Hard Drive for back up too 😀
    Like the graphic.
    Love and hugs,

    • and this is just one of the reasons why Eddie has been rarely seen
      the loss of material and adjustment to Windows 7 is taking time Raven
      but you might know what that is like
      always love hearing from you
      love, Eddie

  5. I’ve had that done to me before as well Eddie, but we all learn from our mistakes. So now days I do a back up disc for every file type I have…. you will learn a lesson from this mishap Eddie, have a lovely week….

  6. I almost found myself in this position recently when my hard drive packed up without warning. Or at least none that I was aware of. My data was saved by a wonderful tech man who I had intended to take the laptop away for recycling 🙂 Took hours to restore the lost data from discs and still some not retrieved but now I back up to an external hard drive AND disks and really desperately important stuff gets added to a USB stick too just for good measure! So, quite a few changes to how I operate and time consumption is one of the consequences…but the consequences of the wrong kind of changes were far worse!! Hope the New Moon is a time of positive PC changes for you!! x 🙂

    • The computer was performing a system check and virus scan when it frooze-up tight and went blank! It would not come back no matter what I did and it freaked me out.
      It would not start… it died right there! haven’t taken a hammer to it yet…but might do that soon. I learned not to keep much saved material on it but still
      lost some treasured photos and astrology charts that where not backed .

      the New Moon is a perfect time to begin a new cycle of living and learning for us both Wolfie!

  7. Hi Eddie, I have always backed up my computer, and recently put those precious photos I upload from my camera onto disks and memory sticks. But I still have many hours of writing here stored.. so I know how gutted I would feel if all were lost..
    The New Moon is perhaps teaching us all new lessons, as we have to learn and let some aspects of our lives go, whether that be our holding on to the past, or to our material things.. I Feel within my bones that those lessons will become very evident soon as the energies around our Earth increase as the planets do their work..

    I am happy to see you back, although I am most sorry to hear that you had to experience such a lesson
    Love and Blessings dear Eddie… ~Dreamwalker xxx

    • yes Dreamwalker, there are many devices that will save our meterial from a computer crash
      unfortunately they are susceptible to fire, theft, and flood.
      alas, is there anywhere completely safe for our precious work gathered over the years? Sky drive perhaps?
      this was a lesson…lessons are for learning…and renewal
      your thoughts are greatly appreciated,
      many blessings to you dear friend

  8. Do not forget this is Year of Dragon, not to mention 2012, everything interconnects I am Aquarius. FB has been causing me a lot of problem, wonder your other friends have the same problems My computer has been locked of FB except for a few minutes, and continually crashing

    • indeed it is and good fortune comes in many forms
      what will happen next? we can hope for the best…
      thank you Rosemary and good luck with your computer difficulties
      love, Eddie

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