31 thoughts on “TREASURED THOUGHTS

  1. Hello my dear Eddie,
    very nice surprise!!
    I’m so happy to see you around:))
    Thank you!!
    Your blog is wonderful!! I loved :))
    I wish you a serene day and a beautiful new week,my dear.
    Love always~~Jussara

  2. if im on your blogroll list try clicking there . always as somehow wp has messed up and got deleted old site tied in with new one can you let me know if it works from your blogroll xxjen

  3. Now those are some thoughts truly worth pondering.
    Thank you kindly for the visit earlier….you are always welcome.
    You have a lovely site here.

  4. Thank you for your visit and comment you left I’m glad you like the mythology, fine.
    Also you add beautiful pictures accompanied by citations.
    I like it.
    I wish you a good week and good rest of the evening with friends.

  5. lovely to have you back i nearly gave word press up had lots of days without joy eddie but im back fighting again and feeling a lot better gulit and sadness takes its toll but coming here gives me peace xxjen

    • Wellness of body, heart, and mind is the perfect answer for happiness be it
      here or anywhere jenny
      Very happy to hear that you are feeling better and doing so well too!
      peace and love, Eddie

    • They are a great source of inspiration.
      Thank you for stopping in Lady Jude. It is always very good to see a dear friend.
      Peace in our lifetime, Eddie

  6. I wanted to stop by again to say…Thanks my friend. These are so calming and much to my liking. I hope you are feeling well and not too busy. Life keeps us busy, hope you are taking time for you 🙂
    love always,
    Raven xox

    • these words are ment to do just that dear Raven
      in these days of ups and downs it is good to find comfort in the steady beat of great teachers of the past
      love always, Eddie

    • your kindness is greatly appreciated hippyilse; you are a dear friend. I could tell you if my days were
      only devoted to this part of my life it would be fine with me. but unfortunately this is not the case.
      much of it has too much b.s. to deal with on a daily basis for my liking but such is life and this is
      the way it is right now. this will change and I will contribute more soon. I KNOW there is more inside
      of me that NEEDS to come out!
      love, Eddie

  7. Beautiful and thoughtful words, quotes and poems my dear Eddie Two Hawks. You are surely missed and I find the serenity you bring refreshing.
    Love and hugs,
    Raven xox

    • hugs dear Raven …thank you for your kind words
      and very good to see you
      many distractions now; ugh! taxes
      have to get back to the things that matter!
      love, Eddie

  8. hello eddie just came to say i have not forgotten my lovely peaceful friend still not feeling too well eddie need some warm sunshine been a long chilly few months for me but you brighten my mood be well xxjen

    • Unfortunate to read about your continuing health challenges Jenny. Bright sunshine it is but warmth it is not.
      This is the coldest morning of the year thus far and personally….my feet are cold! (won’t mention the other parts)
      Sending you warm hugs and love, Eddie

  9. At last! Calm in a chaotic week! Good to see you back up and running…my laptop seems to be in a world of peaceful tranquillity currently and I hope the same can be said for your PC! Peaceful Wolfie hugs to you Eddie 🙂 x

    • Good news is worth sharing and a world of peace sounds marvelous Wolfie
      Computers tend to have a mind of their own at times but all is well
      hugs to you dear friend

  10. Hello, my friend: This was such a soothing read, Eddie…I especially liked the quote regarding compassion by Matthew Fox, and the one about getting burned yourself if you harbour anger…did you waken to a more amazing sunrise than usual, to bring such inspiration in this blog? Or was it just something you wanted to do? Both? Whatever the reason, I think it is one of the best ones I’ve read in a long time! May I be allowed to copy the one about compassion? It is something I have known for a long time, but have never seen it written…and, as usual my friend, you have lifted my heart when I thought it could not fly, it soared! Thank you…love, Cathy.

    • Sweet Cathy, your loving response enriches my heart and
      you are welcome to have any quote presented.
      always very good to see you dear friend
      with love, Eddie

  11. Hi Eddie, what a beautiful post so many inspired thoughts here.. and all with equal merit..
    I trust you are well my friend. And I am so happy to see you back.. and felt for you when you PC Crashed…
    Wishing you a relaxing weekend.. and I hope too that ” You may find Tranquility in all the little moments of your day” my friend…
    Love and Blessings sent your way to you and yours. ~Dreamwalker x

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