Earth Is A Special Place


    We are all connected. Whether you

live next door, near by or down the road a piece.

 Even if you have chosen to live in the ‘out back’ or bush country

the chances are you will run into me or some human being at some 

point in your life. If your life is not being shared with other people

 then perhaps there is a dog, cat, horse or unknown creature that shares

 this Earth with you. Just imagine the animals or insects around you

daily you never see. Whether you are aware of them  or not,

they are perfectly and beautifully unique. They have special needs 

and purposes perhaps only known and serviced by Mother Earth. 

The  Earth is presently the only know place in the universe providing

an especially rare opportunity for all forms of life to learn about living

peacefully as neighbors with all forms of life.

Eddie Two Hawks

Humankind has not woven the web of life.

We are but one thread within it.

Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves

               All things are bound together

               All things connect.” 

Chief Seattle, 1854


10 thoughts on “Earth Is A Special Place

  1. Life is a gift we all share
    We hope & we dream & we care
    We’re all in this together
    In all types of weather
    Lifes’ ups & downs
    Circle round & around
    Never frown but wear a smile
    All the while
    Focus & Set your goals
    Dream your dreams
    The ‘Silver Thread’ is everywhere
    Share ~ Love ~ Care
    Your life can be the best
    Live your life with Love & Zest!
    The secret is to just aim higher
    Then you’ll have all that you desire

    • How wonderful to hear from you Di’ and so eloquently too!
      I appreciate and love what you have written here
      “The secret is to just aim higher
      Then you’ll have all that you desire”
      The secret is out! Let’s do it!
      peace in our time, Eddie

  2. Too many people have lost sight of this Eddie…wrapped up in being top of the food chain and dominating the planet, it is all to easy for people to forget there are any other lifeforms besides humans and even that there is any reason to consider harmony and peace amongst ourselves, let alone connecting with the other creatures we share our world with. A timely reminder of a potentially rewarding and healing way forward my friend 🙂 x

    • I knew you would understand Wolfie…
      All life on Earth deserves equal rights and dignities.
      Many people don’t know how fragle the food chain is.
      Withdraw one primary link and we as a species would be in trouble.
      We need to be more concerned. We need the animals, insects,
      and bacteria kingdom for life to continue as we know it.
      love always, Eddie

  3. Eddie, we are so… Connected within the thread of life we weave here within that Web.. all entwined together each a part to play.. each connected to another.. ALL made from the same Web.. And as we affect one thread so the whole web vibrates .. touching the Whole of it.. This Earth is a living Library of Life. This is a lovely posting Eddie.. One which should make us all stop and think of there connections to ALL forms of life. For without the Bees, our crops would not grow, and without the tree’s we could not breathe. Our lives are entwined forever together as One upon this Earth Mother, and we her children should understand we need Each Other… ~Peace and Gratitude ~Dreamwalker

  4. How lovely, Eddie…this is such a good thought for me today…that we are neighbors, that what is all around us is integrally woven in us and through us, if we just let it be so…love, Cathy.

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