Tibetan Buddha

   Craving is like a creeper,

it strangles the fool.

He bounds like a monkey, from one tree to another,

looking for fruit.


   When craving, like poison,

takes hold of a man,

the sorrows increase

like wild grass.


   When this terrible craving

fierce to subdue, is subdued,

sorrows slip off like

drops on a lotus leaf.


   This is my advice:

Root out craving! Root it out!

like wild grass is rooted out.

Do not let death destroy you

as river waters destroy reeds.”


   Like a tree recovering and growing

if its roots are not destroyed,

suffering recovers and grows

if craving is not conquered.


   Thirty-six streams of sense flow in a man

looking for pleasure.

They seek passion,

their waves will sweep him away.


   The streams are everywhere!

They flow everywhere!

Passion is everywhere!

Everywhere is the creeper!

Cut its roots with the help of wisdom.


   Pleasures and affections are the lot of creatures.

Craving and fulfilling, the normal way.

Birth and old age are the usual fruits.


   Crazed with craving,

men flee like hunted hares.

They are bound in chains,

They suffer again and again.


   Crazed with craving,

men flee like hunted hare.

O bhikku, freedom comes only

from the conquest of craving.


   Look at him!

Having conquered the forest of desire,

he runs to the forest of new desires;

freed from the forest of desire,

he runs to the forest of new desires.

All in vain; for he runs into bondage.


   “Iron chains are strong,

there are wood fetters and fiber fetters,”

is wisdom, but wiser to say,

“No fetters like those of desire,

fetters of wealth, wives, sons,

fetters of consuming passion.”


   It is wisdom to say,

“Such fetters degrade, are hard to break.”

Break them!

Renounce the world, discard desire,

forsake the pleasures of the senses.


   Like the spider woven in its own web

is the man gripped by his craving.

Wise men renounce craving and leave the world,

wise men do not grieve, having discarded sorrow.


   Give up what is before, what is behind,

Give up what is now, and cross the stream.

Then will your mind be free,

then will you cross birth and old age.


   Craving grows

in a man restless, passionate, pleasure-seeking:

he strengthens his own fetters.


   Who meditates quietly, discriminates,

and thinks of that which does not please the senses,

cuts the fetters of death.


   The fearless, sinless, desireless man

escapes the thorns of life-this body is his last.


   He is the great saint,

who quickly catches subtleties of words and meanings,

who is desireless, who knows what comes before what.

He is the mahapurush this body is his last.


   “I have conquered myself, I know all,

I am in all things sinless.

I have renounced all, I am free from craving,

I have no teacher, I have taught myself.”


   No gift is greater than the Dhamma,

no rasa sweeter than the Dhamma,

no bliss is greater than the Dhamma,

no conquest than being without craving.


  Wealth hurts the foolish, not the seekers of Nirvana

Who craves wealth destroys himself as well as others.


   Weeds are the poison of fields

and passion the poison of man.

Honor the man without passion

and earn high reward.


    Weeds are the poison of the fields

and hate is the poison of man.

Honor the man without hate

and earn high reward.


   Weeds are poison of the fields

and folly the poison of man.

Honor the man without folly

and earn high reward.


   Weeds are the poison of fields

and desire the poison of man.

Honor the man without desire

and earn high reward.

Asian Buddha Scroll

post script: words of the Buddha as taken from the Dhammapada, Translated from the Pali by P. Lal

secondary post script: I am a student of Buddhism of the “Pali” tradition. This translation is presented for your viewing.


20 thoughts on “CRAVING

  1. What a powerful piece Eddie. It’s a reminder of how far we still need to travel, and a guideline to what baggage needs dropping so we can attain Nirvana (which for me means moksha…outta here for good!). Thank you. Lots of love.

  2. I love this Piece Eddie and the words which stood out for me were these tonight
    “Wealth hurts the foolish, not the seekers of Nirvana Who craves wealth destroys himself as well as others.”..

    Our world is being destroyed through those seekers of wealth, and lives are ruined,..
    When will those who crave understand ALL we need is FREE…
    Blessings to you my Friend

    • I am happy you appreciate the message presented here Dreamwalker. The important thing I have tried to convay is that others
      may have a better understanding of Buddhism. Many thinks for your thoughtful response. be free, Eddie

  3. Always good when the chains fall off and the fetters are broken. Only then can the heart be free 🙂

  4. il never have peace eddie as in myself is mostly turmoil but i would love the feeling of inner peace lifes hectic cruel ways born by others stops this world from breathing free but im strong and can fight on have a good week my lovely friend eddie xxjen

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