Clear Thought

Clear thinking leads to Nirvana,

a confused mind is a place of death.

Clear thinkers do not die,

the confused ones have never lived.

The wise man appreciates clear thinking,

delights in its purity, and

selects it as the means to Nirvana.

He meditates, he perseveres,

he works hard for the incomparable freedom and bliss of Nirvana.

He steps forward:

this clear thinker and pure worker,

this dignified and disciplined disciple of Dhamma.

Clear thinking, right action, discipline and restraint,

make an island for the wise man,

an island safe from floods.

Sloth is loved by the ignorant and foolish;

the wise man’s treasure is his clear thinking.

“Never sloth, never lust, never the senses”–

This is clear thinking, which brings great joy.

Suppressing sloth steadily, slowly,

a man climbs the tower of serene wisdom.

Sees, below, the suffering multitudes,

as one from a high hill sees the level plain.

While others sleep he is awake,

they sleep, he works.

He is the wise man,

          the race horse swiftly advancing.

Clear thinking made Indra chief god,

Let us praise clear thinking, confusion canceler.

For it moves like a flame, burning

all bondage, big and small.

A bhikku with clear thinking sees confusion clearly,

          and is not afraid.

A bhikku with clear thinking is close to Nirvana.

He sees confusion clearly, and is not afraid.

                                                                      from “The Dhammapada

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