Lotus Flower

Lotus Flower

Who conquers this world,

                the world of Yama and the world of the gods?

Like a connoisseur picking a flower,

                the good man  chooses Dhamma,

The good man conquers this world,

                the world of Yama  and the world of the gods.

He is the connoisseur picking a flower,

                the disciple of Dhamma.

Knowing flesh is only froth,

                like a dream in a desert,

                the disciple transcends

                the flowery arrows of lust.

Death cannot touch him.


Like floods that come and collect an unsuspecting village,

death claims the restless collector of flowers.


His mind is restless

                after many flowers,

before he can have them

                death is upon him.


Let the wise man live

                in the flower of his village,

like the bee, gently taking honey,

                but harming neither color nor scent.


It is not what others do,

                or do not do, that is my concern:

It is what I do,

                and what I do not do, that is my concern.


Lovely flowers without fragrance

Are sweet words without sweet action.


Lovely flowers full of fragrance

Are sweet words with sweet action.


Is there a limit to the variety of garlands

                skilled hands make from a heap of flowers?

Is there a limit to the number of good deeds

                a man may do once he is born?


The wind carries the scent of flowers only where it goes,

                sandalwood, jasmine, and tagara fragrance,

but the fragrance of good men spreads everywhere,

                their fame is endless.


sandalwood and tagara are delicately scented,

                and give a little fragrance,

but the fragrance of virtue

                rises even to the gods.


And Mara stands helpless

before the clear thinker and perfect knower,

the good man.


Like the lotus softly fragrant and


rising clear from scraps of rubbish in

                              a wayside pond,


The disciple of the Enlightened Buddha shines

                              in perfect wisdom

Clear above the crowds of ordinary men

                              who do not see the truth.

                                                                                                                                                                   from: The Dhammapada


22 thoughts on “FLOWERS

  1. Very musical in its format and content. I love nature and all the colors and opportunities it presents.
    I am glad you also love it.
    And thank you for visiting my site recently. If you can, I’d love to hear from you and what you think. I love sharing ideas with blogs.

    • Thank you for your kind remarks and interest. I may be delayed at times but I will always respond.
      Yours is a curious mind; free of encumbrances and open to the spirit of beingness that flows through all matter. This
      connection puts you into a favorable position

      always, Eddie

      • I am a free spirited person by need, desire and the beneficial well being of my own physical, emotional, and spiritual awareness. I have been pushed too often to be what someone could accept. Know that I will make concessions when it is needed as I feel life is give and take. But it must be balanced for all to be free as I am. I will fight to be sure that is the case. But choose to live as peacefully as possible with all life.
        I do believe in oneness with all things, It is only then that we can truly understand, touch and leave a positive footprint on the hearts of life.
        Look forward to sharing wisdoms and hearts with you.Yisraela

      • I am honored to have met you. In years of blogging on this site there have been few who wished to share “more” with me. You already learned something about me no one else is aware of. I do not make it habit to talk about “me” on Eddie Two Hawks. This site is not meant to be personal. I have considered creating another site that is. Those with whom I have shared with where by email. I would prefer any more discussion concerning “me” by email. enjoy life, Eddie

  2. Schön geschrieben.Wünsche dir einen schönen glücklichen Abend,und von ganzen Herzen ein schönes glückliches weekend. Grüsse und freundschaft Gislinde.

  3. This foto reminds me of my fav country Sri Lanka.
    Lotus flower the seat of Buddha. Beautiful words Eddie.
    I have a small lotus flower one on my back..

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