Like an archer an arrow,

the wise man steadies his trembling mind,

       a fickle and restless weapon.

Flapping like a fish thrown on dry ground,

it trembles all day, struggling

       to escape from the snares of Mara the temptress.

The mind is restless.

To control it is good,

A disciplined mind is the road to Nirvana.

Look to your mind, wise man;

look to it well–it is subtle, invisible, trecherous.

A disciplined mind is the road to Nirvana.

Swift, single, nebulous,

it sits in the cave of the heart.

Who conquers it, frees himself from the slavery of death.

No point calling him wise

whose mind is unsteady,

who is not serene,

who does not know the Dhamma.

Call him wise

whose mind is calm,

whose senses are controlled,

who is unaffected by good and evil,

who is wakeful.

He knows the body for what it is,

                    a frail jar;

he makes his mind firm

                    like a fortress.

He attacks Mara with

                    the weapon of wisdom,

he guards what he conquers


It is not long before the body,

            bereft of breath and feeling,

lies on the ground, poor thing,

            like a burnt-out faggot.

No hate can hurt, no foe can harm,

as hurts and harms a mind ill disciplined.

Neither father, mother, nor relative can help

as helps a mind that is well disciplined.



3 thoughts on “MIND

  1. We only hurt and harm ourselves as our undisciplined minds seek refuge within pain, regret, anger, hatred, vengeance, intolerance, and ego… once we have learnt to master our thoughts we see that they only hurt ourselves if used in negative ways.. To become a Master of the mind we need to see, its only through embracing our selves in love and humility, grace and forgiveness do we honour each other in unity bringing harmony and peace not only to our inner selves but to our community and the world… For we are One! and the same… Each of us learning just to be…
    lovely quote Eddie

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