Of paths, the best is the Eightfold,

       the Four Truths are the best truths;

the best virtue is detachment,

       best among men he who follows Dhamma.


This is the path.

It leads to insight. It liberates.

Follow it.

Mara the temptress is helpless before it.


End your suffering. Follow it.

This is my path, preached

after the arrows fell away from me.


Work out your Nirvana with diligence.

The Buddhas only set examples.

Those who follow Dhamma and practice meditation

are freed from the traps of Mara the temptress.


Whatever consists of component parts must perish.

It is wisdom to know this.

This knowledge destroys grief and leads to liberation.


Whatever consists of component parts is full of greif.

It is wisdom to know this.

This knowledge destroys grief and leads to liberation.


Whatever consists of component parts is not the real self.

It is wisdom to know this.

This knowledge destroys grief and leads to liberation.


Wake up! It is time to wake up!

You are young strong–why do you waiver,

why are you lazy and irresolute?

This is not the way to wisdom.


Be strict with speech, control your mind,

let not the body be evil.

This is the way to wisdom,

these are the three roads leading to it.


Meditation brings wisdom,

lack of meditation is folly.

These are the two roads,

one leading forward, one backwards.

Choose the right one,

the right one that leads to wisdom.


Not one tree–cut down the whole forest!

There is danger in the forest.

Cut down the forest of desires, O bhikkus,

and discover the road of liberation.


Destroy the smallest desire for women!

It sticks one’s mind to the world,

as a sucking calf sticks to its mother.


Take the ego like an autumn lily

and snap it with your fingers!

Proceed then on the path to Nirvana

with one who has reached as your guide.


“This I choose for my winter home;

this for the monsoon, this for summer.”

The words of a fool.

He fails to see the final destination.


Like floods that come and sweep away a sleeping village,

death descends on the drowsy mind greedy for children and cattle.


Nothing saves!

Not father, not sons, not kinsmen,

They cannot save a man from death.


Therefore, think deeply.

Like the wise and virtuous man,

stay on the path that leads to liberation.

from The “Dhammapada


4 thoughts on “THE PATH

  1. The path ……… can be winding, and long, rough or smooth, it can have many forks and many twists, but one thing I know that no matter what path we walk upon they ALL lead us home… Some take a little longer to travel thats all… Detours are sometimes necessary …but every road takes us on a journey we at times need to take…

    Here’s to the Path, and lets hope we all walk the one which contains Love and Peace

    • You understand the meaning behind the great teacher’s words and are able to apply them perfectly to today’s world.
      Thank you very much for your kindness and clearity Dreamwalker. to good health of mind and body, Eddie

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