moon behind clouds

Think clearly, avoid evil;

forsake false doctrine, deny the world.


Wake up!

There is no time to lose. Follow Dhamma.

The follower of Dhamma is happy now and forever.


Follow Dhamma, not the path of evil.

The follower of Dhamma is happy now and forever.



“The world is a bubble, the world is a shadow.”

The king of death is helpless in the face of this wisdom.



The world is a royal chariot, glittering with paint.

No better.

                    Fools are deceived, but the wise know better.


Like the moon slipping from behind a cloud and shinning on the


is the man who, once foolish, has determined to be wise.


Like the moon slipping from behind a cloud and shinning on the


is the man whose good deeds exceed his evil deeds.


Blind, blind is the world; only a handful can see.

Only a handful escape, like birds from a net.


Swans fly to the world of the sun,

all creatures that have power fly through the air.

The wise conquer Mara the temptress,

and escape from the world.


There is no evil that he will not do,

the mocker of Dhamma,

the liar, the scoffer of the other world.


Fools are not generous:

the world of the gods is not for the stingy.

Wise men are generous:

they find happiness in the next birth.


Better than lordship over the world,

better than going to the gods,

better than lordship over all the worlds,

is one step taken on the stream that leads to Nirvana.

from the “Dhammapada


8 thoughts on “THE WORLD

  1. Hallo liebe Eddie schönes Bild und gut geschrieben zu rührend.Ich wünsche dir von Herzen einen schönen zweiten Advent,und alles liebe und gute für dich Grüsse von mir und Freundschaft Gislinde.

  2. You had me from the first words.. ‘Think Clearly Avoid Evil ‘…………
    If the World just did that… Oh……… how different our world would be Eddie…. Thank you for this wonderful posting

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