Bhikku: religious monk/lay person who has given his life to virtue ( Bhikkhuni /female)

Control of the eye is good,                                                                                                                               Buddhist scroll

control of the ear is good,

control of the nose is good,

control of the tongue is good.


Control of the body is good,

control of speech is good,

control of everything is good.

The self-controlled bhikku is the free bhikku.


He is the bhikku

whose hands and feet are controlled,

who is alone, serene, happy with himself.


How sweet the words of the bhikku

who controlling his tongue, speaks wiselybuddhistscroll-1

of the Dhamma, in speech that is humble.


The bhikku who follows Dhamma,

delights in Dhamma, meditates on Dhamma,

does not stray from the true path.


What he receives, he takes humbly;

he does not envy others.

The envious bhikku is never serene.


Even the gods praise the bhikku

who takes humbly what little is given.

His life is pure and industrious.


He is the bhikku who owns nothing

as his, neither name nor form.

He does not grieve over that which is not.


That bhikku is tranquil                                                                                   Japanese_Scroll_3

who has faith in the Dhamma.

Always gentle and equanimous,

he finds the holiest peace.


Make the boat light, bhikku!

Emptied, it will travel swifter.

Cast away passion and hate,

the road to Nirvana will be easier.


Cut off the five: egoism, doubt,

false holiness, lust, and hatred.

Destroy these five fetters,

and you have crossed the stream of life.


Think discriminate, bhikku!

There is no time to waste.


Forget the pleasures of the senses

lest, swallowing the flaming iron ball,

you cry out, “I suffer!”


How can one without wisdom meditate?

How can one without meditation be wise?

Both together, meditation and wisdom, lead to Nirvana.                     seated buddha


When a tranquil bhikku enters an empty house,

he is delighted, if he has knowledge of the Dhamma.


When he realizes the birth and death of the body,

he is delighted, he experiences the delight of wisdom.


Let the wise bhikku begin thus:

controlling the senses, practicing equanimity,

following discipline as laid down in the Dhamma,

and choosing pure, noble, and industrious friends.


Let his life be a life of friendship.

Let him perform his duties well.

Then will his happiness end his suffering.


O bhikku, be like the vassika plant

that sheds its withered flowers.

Shed passion and hate.


That bhikku is calm

whose body is calm,Tibetan Buddha[1]

whose mind and speech are calm,

who has single-mindedly

refused the world’s seductions.


Rouse yourself by your self,

perfect yourself by your self.

Only such vigilance, O bhikku,

will bring you happiness.


You are your own refuge;

there is no other refuge.

Like a merchant taming a fine horse,

tame yourself, O bhikku.


Happy and peaceful is the bhikku

          who has faith in the Dhamma.

He alone finds the state of serenity

          where the world’s flow ceases.


The young bhikku who ceaselessly

          follows the words of the Buddha,

he shines on this world

          like a moon escaped from cloud.


6 thoughts on “THE BHIKKU

  1. This is beautiful and Let us all Shine a little more in this world Eddie, I enjoyed this posting Eddie as I learn more and more wisdom for the masters.. 🙂 Dreamwalker

  2. Grüße dich lieb liebe Eddie schöner Text Dama, ist der schön geschrieben auch die Bilder.Wünsche dir ein schönes glückliches weekend im neuen Jahr Gruß und Freundschaft Gislinde.

  3. Love the new theme for your blog Eddie 🙂 New theme for a new year? ~Very cool choice! Wise words of wisdom for the new year too…and I did like the last 4 lines in particular…very wolfish! x

    • I appreciate your kind remarks concerning new theme Wolfie. Simply a few “tweaks” made.
      Your comments on the post are very interesting. Love all your wolfishness! Eddie

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