Pisces New Moon


                                                March 11, 2013

                                                3:52 pm   EDT        7:52   GMT

                                                Pisces 21°24

New moons occur in a different sign each month and each month there are new opportunities for reflection and growth. The last New Moon of the astrological year happens in the sign of Pisces. This water sign is ruled by the planet Neptune; an ancient Roman god and corresponding to the Greek god Poseidon.

Many influences affecting this new moon period will open fresh pathways to higher consciousness. Mercury, Chiron, Venus, the Sun and Moon, and Mars; all are in Pisces. It is greatly advised to allow oneself sufficient quiet time to reflect on inner worlds.

We know love plays a key role in our lives.  There are aspects of love that are constantly being displayed, examined, realized and discovered in poetry, the arts, theatre and daily life. This new moon period adds the capability of understanding “love” in dimensions beyond the personal. Now we have the chance to understand facets of love that are far deeper than those in the material world with deep transpersonal meaning or “the way of Tao”.

Materialism has gained  a strong foothold. Thinking of returning  to a “spiritual life” and “non-materialism” is one thing; doing is another. This Pisces New Moon provides many doorways and opportunities to meditate and think about answers for positive change for own self.


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