Even From A Distance



                                 Good men shine, even from a distance,

                                 like the Himalaya mountains,

                                 but the wicked, like the arrows shot in the night,

                                 fade away.


                                 Sit alone, sleep alone, be active alone,

                                 in loneliness continue the conquest of the self,

                                 even in the forest continue the quest.



28 thoughts on “Even From A Distance

  1. So true and very touching words Eddie ~ yes solitude is the place we often “find ourselves” — there is so much you have shared here — very wise! Thank you~ Love, Robyn

  2. beautiful flower Eddie, and hopefully wickedness fades and dies whilst the good in men shines brightest and longest. Lovely words to live by. love to you xPenx

    • Living life alone does not necessarily mean loneness. Nature, an occasional conversation, and one’s own thoughts can fill a day and a lifetime. Thank you for your comments Penny. with love, Eddie

  3. I like this thought of Buddha and your picture is full of serenity but live alone is not in the man nature I think except a few moments we need.

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