A Larger Joy

Spider Lily

Spider Lily

               Small pleasures given up for a larger joy

               this is the way of the wise, the far-seeing man.

               Happiness for oneself by hurting others

               the way of the fool to get trapped in hate.



22 thoughts on “A Larger Joy

    • Spider lilies also come in red and yellow from a bulb. Ours stay in the ground all year. (no frost)
      They flower once a year so it is a special event for us. I don’t think it would float…Thank very much for your comment

  1. Wow Eddie, I do not think I have ever seen such a flower as this Spider lily.. how wonderful.. 🙂 And it would bring me much joy in my garden.. A Wise quote….. Blessings Sue

  2. Noticing more and more people knowing or feeling a great loss, it’s in their eyes, when they even take a job that cheats others.
    No money can make up for the feeling of disconnect and loss.
    At some tipping point soon “evil” masterminds run out of minions.

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