Come Out From the Clouds


Meditate. Live purely. Be quiet. Do your work with mastery.

Like the moon, come out from behind the clouds! Shine.



12 thoughts on “Come Out From the Clouds

  1. Yet again – a stunning photo and wisdom of the ages to live by… This must take a lot of time to make such a beautiful blog; my thanks for all of your thoughtfulness.

  2. The Moon has been spectacular of late in our British sky, I stayed out late into the evening last night as we lit the outdoor log burner sitting on our garden swing, Making the most of a balmy evening with a three quarters moon hanging in the sky… The Stars too seemed brighter, or was it my eyes! 🙂 Love the Graphic you chose. Dreamwalker 🙂

    • The moon has been rising late. Would be great to enjoy a campfire.
      Might as well may the most of a beautiful summer’s evening. Winter will come
      all too soon. Thank you for your kindness. Eddie

  3. I would if I had time!! Oh for a few spare hours to catch up with W/P friends! I seem to be surrounded by highly demanding individuals just now who despite knowing I don’t have enough hours in an evening to fit everything in around studying – exam time again soon – still seem to think I should drop everything to meet their needs! Grrr! What about time for W/P and the pending Full Moon howl!!!! I would like to shine but I am frazzled! The moon was beautiful in the late afternoon sky though today…I love it when it rises against a sunny blue sky!! 🙂 Have a beautiful weekend, Wolfie 🙂

    • Good morning Wolfie,
      Your visit here tells me you have some time left in your busy life.
      This is greatly appreciated! You must be working on PhD. or what is it??
      Thank you very much for taking time to stop in. with love, curious Eddie

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