happy buddha

                                      Let us live happily,

                                      hating none though others hate.

                                      Let us live without hate among those who hate


                                      Let us live happily,

                                      free from disease, among the diseased.

                                      Let us live diseaseless among the diseased.


                                      Let us live happily,

                                      ungrieving among others who grieve.

                                      Let us live without grief among those who grieve.


                                      Let us live happily, without possessions.

                                      Let us feed on happiness like the shinning gods.


                                      Victory breeds hate; the defeated will grieve.

                                      Who goes beyond victory and defeat is happy.


                                      No fire like passion,

                                      no sickness like hate,

                                      no grief like the ego’s,

                                      no  joy like peace.


                                      No disease like greed,

                                      no sorrow like desire.

                                      He who knows this

                                      is fit for Nirvana.


                                      No gift like health,

                                      no wealth like calm of mind,

                                      no faith like trust,

                                      no peace like Nirvana.


                                      He who drinks from Dhamma

                                      the sweetness of solitude

                                      and the sweetness of serenity

                                      finds freedom from fear and freedom from sin.


                                      Living with fools is endless pain.

                                      Better to live with an enemy instead.

                                      Living with wise men, like living with kinsmen,

                                      brings happiness.


                                      Like the moon moving among star clusters,

                                      one should move among the wise,

                                      the holy, the faithful, the noble

                                      this is the essence of wisdom.

teachings of Buddha taken from the Dhammapada

originally posted June 1, 2012


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