No Matter Who They Are

Buddha scroll 3

It is in the nature of cyclic existence that what has gathered will eventually disperse — parents,

children, brothers, sisters, and friends. No matter how much friends like each other ,

eventually they must separate. Gurus and students, parents and children, brothers and sisters,

husbands and wives, and friends — no matter who they are — must eventually separate.

14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatzo


18 thoughts on “No Matter Who They Are

  1. Yes, strange isnt it, we are Separate and yet ALL ONE… Families come together and then go their separate ways

    Out of all the friends or acquaintances I have had over the years, we all go our separate ways fading in our memories yet we each played our parts while needed as we grow and travel upon our various roads along our journey

  2. I respectfully differ with His Holiness. The word “must” is an absolute. And in the case of our mortal passing, such is true. Otherwise, however, for life’s earthly duration, there exists abundant evidence that “must” doesn’t always prevail.

    • I am happy to hear your response Eric. It is most interesting.
      It is important to keep in mind the key words “cyclic existence”.
      Our Earthly life will end. I believe this to be the importance of the Dalai Lama’s massage.
      We will be moving on. We must let go of everything. At this point there is no choice.

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