Hawks Among Us Vol.2

Love is eternal.

It favors not the rich or the poor nor any physical distinction.

It reaches into mind, heart, body and spirit and is expressed

in countless fashions. Love begins

and ends a moment, a day, and a life.

Eddie Two Hawks

originally posted: October 9, 2011


37 thoughts on “Hawks Among Us Vol.2

  1. Hawks are one of my favourite birds, glorious images! Great choices Eddie. Wonderful message also♥

  2. Love the pictures ! I know from personal experience, you’re so correct. A friend dies, however our love did not, it will live forever. A person can’t ask for a better living gift.

  3. I love the taxi bird. Awesome deep words Eddie and love is Always beautiful
    Doesnot matter if u took this ones Its a matter of sharing Eddie
    Love them Free as a bird..huggy

  4. I love the shot of one bird riding the other. It reminds me of a kitten that got startled and ended up on top of the dogs head and holding on. Neither of them liked each other much and I’m sure that they both looked me with a desperate expression meaning “What do we do now”. 🙂

  5. I so believe in Eternal Love Eddie, and wow to those photos, I especially enjoyed the Black bird not knowing its name which was riding on the Hawks back! Brilliant

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