Five Basic Precepts


1.  Abstain from killing living beings (from destroying/taking life)—or practice love.

2.  Abstain from taking the not-given (from stealing)—or practice generosity, practice giving.

3.  Abstain from sexual misconduct—or practice contentment.

4.  Abstain from false speech (from lying)—or practice truthfulness.

5.  Abstain from taking intoxicating drinks—or practice awareness and mental clarity.

great lessons from Buddha

photo: grasses in Eddie Two Hawks garden


11 thoughts on “Five Basic Precepts

  1. Buddha’s teachings have much wisdom Eddie, and if more paid heed to simple teachings of this kind, the world would not be in the chaotic place it is today I am sure!
    Blessings Sue

    • You asked an important question.
      Please keep in mind this reply is NOT from Buddha’s teachings but my personal perspective.

      answer-It could be viewed in this manner. If there is doubt or guilt in your mind
      about the activity, or if others will be offended or hurt; then it is considered “sexual misconduct”.

      • Fully agree -with a small nuance: “or if others [involved] will be offended or hurt.
        Thank you! Great post!

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