Within the Void


In the beginning there was only Void. Within the Void was the One.

The One is without form. It has no features. But within it all things exist.

Quote: Chuang Tzu
Photo: Bing/Hubble/image


22 thoughts on “Within the Void

  1. I am smiling again broadly Eddie… as we are indeed ONE within ALL of Creation… Each of us containing that of the Stars… May we forever exist within the Void of all that there IS…. For we are forever progressing and growing just as these stars are forming… Its just so amazing to part of the Whole! 🙂

  2. Totally inspiring, Eddie. both words and picture… They underline a feeling of hope, and belief… much love Penx.
    (Hope you’re ok my friend and feel better soon. xxx)

  3. Wow this is the ultimate truth! In Hindi we refer to the Almighty as the ‘Nirakar Bhagwan” the One who is without form! Thanks Eddie!

      • Hello dear Eddie, I’m so sorry.
        I hope you feel well soon.
        My best wishes for you.
        much love and harmony in your way ~ ~ Jussara

  4. Oh wow! Oh, Eddie, I am covered in goosebumps. We are the ONE. We came from the ONE because we are that ONE! OH, I am SO moved by this post! Bless you!! xx Amy

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