Pairs of Opposites


All things exist in pairs of opposites,
being dependent upon each other.
This cannot exist without That.
What is the power behind all this?
I recognize its presence in all things,
yet I cannot see its form.

source: Chuang Tzu
picture: Dream Catcher by Sakiama


9 thoughts on “Pairs of Opposites

  1. What a wonderful Quote you have chosen Eddie with that remarkable Dreamcatcher of Yin and Yang.. All things in Balance.. Both Night and Day.. even Good and Bad.. all have purpose in learning us this and that as we are born to die… Opposites are a must in our duality of this world.. Wonderful Post dear Eddie..
    Thank you

    • your wonderful powers of observation are well tuned to fine the best in everything Dreamwalker! gentleness of heart and goodness of soul maintain perspective. much love, Eddie

  2. wonderful reflection of insight!
    the curse of our discriminating mind
    seeing self as separate from other things.
    with the wisdom of non discrimination
    are glimpses of non-dualistic perceptions 🙂

    • It does serve purpose. Just imagine for yourself how it has helped decide which foods to eat, or what clothing to wear on a particular day. In matters of philosophy, it does become more challenging. What else man to do?
      But I do certainly understand your statement. Much would be easier. Thank you very much for your kindness. Eddie

  3. Thought inducing quote Eddie, always pairing in nature, the natural order maintained… Love the Dreamcatcher, I should invest in one, … Then my dreams would be safely contained… Much love to you… And hope you’re feeling well, my friend. xPenx

    • Thank you dear Lady. Felt the need to post. Nothing like trying to return to normal (?);
      I feel a nap is calling me soon. It has been a long and active morning. Your kind words are appreciated. with love. Eddie

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