The Vast Ocean


Universal Mind is like a vast ocean.
On its surface, waves disturb its
tranquility, but beneath, all is serene
and unmoved. Having no personality,
all things exist in It. But due to the
disturbance on its surface, Universal Mind
became an actor playing many roles.

source: The Lankavatara Sutra
picture: Bing/images/Tahiti-South Pacific


18 thoughts on “The Vast Ocean

  1. Been a while. This is a beautiful poem to come back to. Very thought-provoking. We are all actors on a daily basis. And searching the serene peace too. I love it how such words change my mood after reading them. Thank you.

  2. Eddie, that is a beautiful scene and a traditional Eastern dogma. Yet if Universal Mind were like the ocean, what would the Eastern Australia Current be? Or a tsunami? Is that when the Universal Mind has a temporary break? Or a red tide? The ocean seems to me to be more like an individual human being with all of his or her foibles, quite imperfect, and in need of help out of jams created by those it attracts and mother earth it depends on. In that, I look for checks and balances within and without the ocean, and the Cosmos. I’m just not sure I buy the notion that the Cosmos is itself a mind, although I *believe and think* that it involves many minds and a great overarching Creator mind. Just another angle. Are these distinctions? Or distinctions without differences? Thanks for provoking thoughts and meditations with this reflection.

    • You have traveled outside the scope of intention. It is presented here as an introduction to this material. If you would like to have greater understanding of what is written, it is advised that you go directly to the source of this work where a greater study could be applied. Your questions may be answered there.

      • Thanks for following up. Crush the sea turtle in Finding Nemo is a good source too, even as he rode the EAC, when Marlin asked when to know when it’s OK to let the little ones swim solo; he said, “You never really know, but when they know, you know, you know?”

  3. Very true… I hope the Universal mind remains calm and serene Eddie… as the waves grow ever higher on the horizon.. Wishing you a beautiful week my friend

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