Grief and Sorrow


Grief and sorrow result from holding the world dear.

source: The Doctrine of the Buddha
image: ETH/image files


14 thoughts on “Grief and Sorrow

  1. I beg to differ … cuz Grief and Sorrow result from attachment … as attachment is the root of all evil … yes?

  2. Yes, that which we love and see in pain or hurting we grieve for…. Let us be thankful for our sorrow for it shows us that we love…
    Blessings dear Eddie…
    Sue xox

  3. Always a useful lesson to learn from our times of grief and sorrow…sometimes they’re the ones we don’t manage to learn any other way. Hope your day is filled with joy and cheer! 🙂

    • We are sensitive creatures Wolfie. How else could we write poems or create art. Problems occur when we attach ourselves to transitory feelings. They will fade like a cloudy day and the Sun will brighten our way. Thank you for kindness dear friend. Enjoy a beautiful day! Eddie

  4. what a beautiful way to honor the grief and sorrow that we feel. I mean that in a positive way- that we experience these things because we hold the world dear. Not that we are overly attached, we simply hold the world dear.

    • It is the way you say it Theresa that illustrates the damage that “some things” can do.
      Grief and sorrow can literally tear at the heart causing physical harm over time.
      Your kind words are greatly appreciated. with great thanks, Eddie

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