Knowing the Difference


That which is real is always real. That which is unreal is always unreal.

The person who knows Truth, knows the difference.

source: The Bhagavad Gita
image: Bing/images/drummer


25 thoughts on “Knowing the Difference

  1. You know Eddie as I look at this image I can almost hear the Drum Beat.. Now is that real or unreal? Imagination is a wonderful gift.. As we imagine the realities into being.. πŸ˜‰ Bless you for your wisdom in your choices of posts πŸ™‚

      • Id love to hear your one outstanding experience Eddie TH.

      • People have transformative events in their life. You may be familiar with them. Where as, a situation presents itself that completely changes one’s character and/or
        direction in life. Sometimes they may be called a ‘near death’ experience. Such an experience happened to me many years ago.
        This blog is not intended for the sharing of my personal life. However, I have considered a secondary blog for such matters.
        Thank you very much for your kindness

      • I do understand. I would like to see a blog site dedicated to such experiences. Thank you again for your site. I am enjoying myself looking around there at the moment. I call my profound meetings with the source – Near Life Experience. Much love Eddie TH.

      • While visiting your site and reading your posts time stood still. There was only eternity.
        Thank you so very much for stopping by and allowing us to meet. with love, Eddie

  2. Thanks, Eddie, for those words and colorful image.
    The B-G is itself a great reflection of truth. I believe it uses the Sanskrit word Maya to talk about the unreal delusion of life, what we see and what’s reflected which isn’t the true essence.

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