Things are Transitory

Buddha (2)

Things of the world are transitory. If one
dies without first having realized the Self,
there is no happiness here, or hereafter.

source: The Chandogya Upanishad
image: ETH/ image files




19 thoughts on “Things are Transitory

  1. Hopefully our Souls can achieve the required level in this transitory world.
    Then our reincarnation will be on a higher level.
    Emu aka Ian

    • This is an individual endeavor Emu. It is the highest goal.
      Your kind words and thoughtful remarks are greatly appreciated.
      enjoy the most delightful day, Eddie

    • This is most kind of you Cornelia. However, this is an ‘award free zone’
      and although offered many awards over the years I have accept none.
      Thank you so very much for this kind offer. sincerely, Eddie

  2. To have the courage to look deep into your soul, to have the courage to admit that now you live just a state of conscious and wait to get the next, when you die – that’s “first having realized the Self” ?

    • We have talked before about your great loss in the past.
      It seems that not much more can be said.
      No one escapes this world without suffering.
      To carry suffering to the grave is a big mistake.
      Find some way to set down your heavy load and move on.
      This is your life to live as you want. Find room for happiness.
      with love, Eddie

      • I understand, what you are saying, Ed … this is not about me … but your quote says: … “If one dies without first having realized the Self, there is no happiness here, or hereafter” … that’s where my agony For Her comes in … cuz she did not have any chance/ choice, and was too young to realize anything … where is her place then, as she wasn’t allowed to be happy here and now not even hereafter ? … U understand, what I mean? Thank you. Love, cat.

      • These are my thoughts on this cat. When babies and infants die they need to move right along right NOW.
        Their time in this incarnation is done. Something is waiting for them. again, these are my thoughts cat

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