No East or West


The sky has no east or west, nor does
not make any distinctions between
this and that. Distinctions arise
from the human mind alone.

source: The Buddha
image: Bing/images/clouds


22 thoughts on “No East or West

    • So much in nature to learn, there may be something new every day that comes from simply observing it.
      You know what I mean. Your kindness in word and thought is greatly appreciated. blessings, Eddie

  1. The sky and wind have no home; they carry their home wherever they travel; travellers observe many things with the heart…

      • It’s a pleasure too meet you as well, Eddie, even though we have know each other for quite a few years now on ning and wordpress, it’s always as if we meet anew, because there is only the Now.

      • Had a feeling you were the one and the same. A fresh new moment brings us together, once more.
        ‘Now’ is my favorite time of day. Happiness is this

  2. Very descriptive words Eddie.
    Descriptive in a way that makes one consider the words looking down, not up.
    I suppose it could be considered an orb of horizons.

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