A Certain Beauty


Every landscape that is dreary enough has a certain beauty to my eyes,
and in this instance its permanent qualities were enhanced by the weather.
Everything told by the sea, even when we did not see its waste or hear its
roar. For birds there were gulls, and for carts in the fields, boats turned
bottom up-ward against the houses, and sometimes the rib of a whale was
woven into the fence of the roadside. The trees were, if possible,
rarer than the houses.

source: Henry David Thoreau, Cape Cod
image: Bing images/winter seascapes


20 thoughts on “A Certain Beauty

  1. Je plaide coupable moi laurent-outang mais j’essais de me racheter en sauvant un peu le bois de la cheminèe Pardonnez-moi pour tous les arbressss que j’ais coupè

    • Most certainly Ian. Spent years enjoying the desert southwest United States. It’s beautiful and magical.
      Thank you very much for you kindness. enjoy a beautiful day, Eddie

  2. Trees have been fascinating and spiritual to me since childhood. I always sat with my back to them touching them and feeling their energy. I’d be lost without them.

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