May we each find eternal happiness

Happy Bodhi Day

 On Dec 8, Buddha discovered the secrets of eternal happiness while

meditating under a fig tree. Buddha was intent on finding the root of all

suffering and how to eliminate it from human existence. His determination

included sitting under a fig tree until he solved this complex problem.

It is was over 2500 years ago that Buddha attained enlightenment.

“Do what you have to do Resolutely, with all your heart.

The traveler who hesitates Only raises dust on the road.”

“Sit alone, sleep alone, be active alone,

in loneliness continue the conquest of the self,

even in the forest continue the quest.”

“He who experiences the unity of life sees his own Self in all beings,

and all beings in his own Self, and looks on everything with an impartial eye.”


source: reposted from Eddie Two Hawks, December 8, 2013

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