Beyond All Concepts


Universal Mind is not subject to birth and
death. It is beyond all concepts or duality.

source: The Lankavatara Sutra
image: Image Collection, Australian Aboriginal Art, Untitled


14 thoughts on “Beyond All Concepts

  1. Eddie as I catch up here again.. May I wish you and your family a wonderful Happy Christmas .. Thank you dear friend for sharing my journey through blog land .. I am so happy our two paths crossed.. And look forward to continuing our journey in enlightenment in 2015… Happy New Year.. And may it bring continued blessings your way Eddie..
    Love ~ Dreamwalker~ 🙂

  2. Beyond ALL Concepts… and if each of those little dots upon the painting represented the stars in our Universe and then multiplied it some Zillion of times more, we still could not grasp the concept… And yet here we are on Planet Earth… expanding our awareness, just as that amazing piece of art expands outwards connecting All things as One.

    Blessings Eddie, Hope you have a good week

    • To be is beautiful, and every day brings blessings. Love received and given turns the tides, the Sun and Moon, and all life.
      Thank you very much for your kindness dear one. Enjoy a most delightful day, Eddie

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