The Inevitable


Of that which is born, death is inevitable.
Of that which is dead, birth is inevitable. One
should not grieve over what is inevitable.

source: The Bhagavad Gita
image: Eddie Two Hawks, Image Collection, Lily Pond


30 thoughts on “The Inevitable

    • Thoughtfulness in word and deed can change your self and the world.
      Your most kind words are greatly appreciated. Thank you very much Wanda
      Enjoy a very wonderful day. Eddie

  1. Interesting Photo, Eddie. I love that one little white flower standing out among the darker colors, which I am sure is your focal point. Beautiful composition.

  2. Always loved these words in the Bhagavad Gita. Makes so much sense. Joyful Christmas wishes to you.

    • Thank you very much for you kindness. You are fortunate to catch me still here today as this day on the computer started early and is now ending. Enjoy a most peaceful and heartfelt Christmas.
      with love, Eddie

  3. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas Eddie… And I have so enjoyed your wonderful shares this year… Death is just the beginning as we emerge from our mortal shells…. Happy Re-birth into the New Year.. 🙂 Love and Blessings
    A ‘Dreamwalker’

    • Wishing you a very Merry Christmas Sue! Your kind good wishes are most appreciated.
      May our dreams carry us into worlds beyond imagination.
      with eternal love and blessings through all celebrations, Eddie

  4. I do not know anything about photography.But the photograph is so beautiful that it instantly gives the feel of the pond with abounding beauties.I would like to have your permission to Reblog.

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