Harm Returns


Harm returns to the person who does harm.
It is like throwing dust in the wind.

source: The Dhammapada
image: Eddie Two Hawks, Eddie’s Garden, December 30, 2014


22 thoughts on “Harm Returns

  1. Yes what goes around comes around.. And Karma is coming around ever faster..

    Amazing Spiders-web in your garden Eddie..:-) hope he is not of the harmful variety??
    Blessings your way my friend x

    • He did not least long out there. One or two days later this web was gone.
      I usually leave nature to take care of itself. Thank you very much for your
      kind blessings dear friend. hugs and blessings to you, Eddie

  2. This is very like The Law of Return, a tenet of the Wiccan Faith. It’s a very good lesson to observe and as always, your photo is wonderful!

      • The same to you pal!

        Enjoy Always your wise posts!

        Have a good day and year!

        Take care,

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