Wheel of Fortune


In my grasp are all things
Held in perfect equilibrium.
I bind all opposites together,
Each to its complement.
One by another do I mitigate,
So that nowhere in the universe
Is there any real want or failure.
Neither is there anywhere injustice,
For the semblance of it
Is one of the manifold aspects
Of the delusion of separateness.

source: The Book of Tokens, Meditation on Kaph, stanza 1
image: Wheel of Fortune, Tarot


10 thoughts on “Wheel of Fortune

  1. “So that nowhere in the universe Is there any real want or failure.”.. I keep on reminding myself of this often Eddie.. as I know each of us chose to play our parts within the Wheel of Fortune as we turn our progression ever higher on Earth..
    Thank you for reminding me of our Oneness… even though many still feel so separated..
    Blessings Sue ❤

  2. The results of the wheel of Fortune, have been chronichled in the books of life since eternity.
    Delusion in this Earthly plane created the Wheel of Fortune.

  3. Reblogged this on Laureate Louise and commented:
    Here is an enjoyable, meaningful stanza. You can incant, muse or philosophize over its interpretation but beat of all share & rejoice for we are one….

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