He Hears Our Minds

Cherokee man and woman

For the Great Spirit is everywhere; He
hears whatever is in our minds and
hearts and it is not necessary to speak
to Him in a loud voice.

source: Black Elk, Oglala Lakota
image: Eddie Two Hawks, Image Collection, Native American Man and Woman


22 thoughts on “He Hears Our Minds

  1. Words that have meaning in all Religions I believe.
    Excellent choice of picture, as I believe the indigenous peoples of all races, are closer to the truth than most of mankind today.

  2. Yes our inner dialogue is constant chatter which connects us to the source.. Our Intention being the wheels in which we active such communication and responses… Which in turn turns us toward the outcomes of our thinking and prayers…
    Many thanks for you constant reminders of pure wisdom… Which each can find within our minds, if we would but listen intently to the answers we are given in return..
    Blessings dear Eddie.. _/\_

    • Your kind thoughts and words are very refreshing to read dear heart. Thank you and may your weekend be filled with all you need and search for. sending blessings, Eddie

  3. Reblogged this on Laureate Louise and commented:
    This picture is so wonderful. I concur with Eddie two hawks on this notion. No matter who we are or where from we all belive in a higher being to guide us…

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