Paths of Glory



The path to glory is rough, and many gloomy hours obscure it. May

the Great Spirit shed light on your path, so that you may never

experience the humility that the power of the American government

has reduced me to. This is the wish of a man who, in his native forests,

was once as proud and bold as yourself.

source: Black Hawk, Sauk
image: Eddie Two Hawks, Image Collection, Black Hawk

Black Hawk: (Wikipedia) 1767 to 1838; a leader and warrior of the Sauk tribe in what is now the Midwest, USA 

Eddie’s image collection: a collection of images from various sources 


15 thoughts on “Paths of Glory

      • Thank you, Eddie. This post gave me renewed hope this morning, as yesterday I reviewed the winter round-up schedule of wild horses. “The path to glory is rough, and many gloomy hours obscure it.” The words of Black Hawk speak poignantly to my experience now of our government and the capture, torment and destruction of those horses. Many blessings, Vivian

      • Some things make little sense when or as it is happening and we feel helpless. a strange world
        The reasons may never come. Blessings to these horses and to you Vivian, Eddie

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