See Me


See Me in all things. Dwell in
Me as I dwell in you.

source: The Bhagavad Gita
image: Eddie Two Hawks, Eddie’s Garden, White Rose


21 thoughts on “See Me

      • Yes such flowers only last their season, but their capture on film remain for our memories to admire long after they are gone.. I so love taking photo’s of my own flowers in bloom.. And they brighten up the coldest of a winters day when we leaf through their gifts once more..:-)
        Have a fabulous day Eddie..
        Happy Valentines to you and yours

      • You are so correct in saying that their beauty keeps giving and living though the photos.
        We can treasure their memories for years to come. This is the coldest morning of the winter
        for us so far so work ‘outside’ is on hold. Happy Valentine’s Day to you too Sue.
        Enjoy life, Eddie

  1. Eddie arrĂȘte de te lancer des fleurs …!!! Tu te prends pour un chanteur d’opĂ©ra …?!!! Mais je t’apprĂ©cie et j’applaudie , je suis fan …!!!

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