The Blue-Black Water

snowy mountain-stream

Above me the cloudless blue sky; beneath, the sky-reflecting ice. At a distance in several
directions I see the tawny earth stretched or spotted with white where the bank of hills
and fields appear, or else the green-black evergreen forests, or the brown , or russet,
or tawny deciduous woods, and here and there, where the agitated surface of the river is
exposed, the blue-black water. That dark-eyed water, especially where I see it at right
angles with the direction of the sun, is it not the first sign of spring? How its darkness
contrasts with the general lightness of the winter! It has more life in it than any part
of the earth’s surface. It is where one of the arteries of the earth is palpable, visible.

source: Henry David Thoreau, Journal February 1860
image: Bing/Images, Winter Forests


20 thoughts on “The Blue-Black Water

  1. Oh to have been in Henry David Thoreau’s shoes in his pioneering adventure of the many places he went.. His quotes are always so descriptive.. Thank you for sharing him again with me Eddie 🙂

    • Soothing for the mind and body, the flowing water and fresh mountain air would be a pleasure to witness.
      Thank you very much dear Wolfie for your kind and thoughtful response. Have a wonderful week, Eddie

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