A Better Understanding

thinker 1

Everything that irritates us about others can
lead us to a better understanding of ourselves.

source: Carl Jung
image: Eddie Two Hawks, Eddie’s Photos, The Thinker


29 thoughts on “A Better Understanding

  1. As they say in AA, “If you spot it, you got it.” Thanks for another wonderful post. I love the CJ quotes and your visual interpretation of them. Mahalo, and much aloha. Christi

    • In one way or another it will come back to us. And whether or not you believe in karma,
      it may affect us in another life.
      Thank you for your thoughts and comment Foghorn. Enjoy this beautiful day.

  2. It was so hard to come to terms with this truth, everything that annoys me about others is a reflection of what I dislike about myself…without fail. I’ve had 6 decades to witness this one ! Van

  3. Even the things which irritate ourselves Eddie.. lead us to better understanding ourselves… Big smiles at this one my friend.. as I learn to better understand myself.. 🙂

    • With eyes open, every irritation, those about ourselves and others as well, will help us understand our own
      self even more. Your kind thoughts and words are always most welcome dear Sue. blessings, Eddie

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