Waving in the Wind


I noticed yesterday the first conspicuous silvery sheen from
the needles of the white pine waving in the wind. A small one
was conspicuous by the side of the road more than a quarter
mile ahead. I suspect that those plumes which have been oppressed
or contracted by snow and ice are not only dried but opened
and spread by the wind.

source: Henry David Thoreau, Journal February 1860
image: Bing/Images, Pines Trees In The Snow


22 thoughts on “Waving in the Wind

  1. This is such a lovely photo, Eddie, it really reflects the mystic ambiance of a snowy forest. For me, it brings back many happy memories of traipsing through the woods with my grandfather, looking for a Christmas tree. 🙂

    • I bet it was fun to look for your own tree. It makes Christmas (and memories thereof) a little more special.
      So very good to hear from you. Enjoy a perfect day, everyday. Eddie

  2. Beautiful photos and very calming as I head for a nervous breakdown trying to sort out a new laptop and two new mobiles!! No tech at all sounds quite appealing all of a sudden and getting back to nature far from anything remotely tech orientated even better!! Mustn’t tempt fate though…I would no doubt be having a much bigger nervous breakdown if I didn’t have it!! lol Well! I’m a wolf! I’m allowed to be a complete contradiction when I’m stressed! lol 😉 Lovely post Eddie 🙂

    • Certain cases will allow limited exemptions. You ARE one of those SPECIAL cases Wolfie. Carry on.
      Enjoy the most beautiful days, Eddie (especially without computer glitches)

      • Thanks Eddie 🙂 Just back from the dentist – no problems but long old hike to get there and back and for some inexplicable reason I always feel a bit flat and down when I’ve been there. No reason, it just is. Your comment has been a nice little timely boost thank you! A good shot of kindness and positivity from a great friend is always a highly beneficial tonic 🙂 Wolfie hugs!

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