What Benefit


It doesn’t matter how many spiritual
books you read if you don’t practice
what you teach, what benefit is there
in not acting on holy words?

source: The Dhammapada
image: Eddie Two Hawks, Eddie’s Garden, February 2015


27 thoughts on “What Benefit

  1. Thank you Eddie for this reminder. Holy words have an influence on the heart and soul. Sharing them keeps the fire of faith ignited, acting upon them spreads the radiance and warmth of the fire to the universe and all those who are within it.

    • Vous pouvez le faire en essayant, juste essayer. Cela peut prendre plusieurs fois. Comme apprendre à faire de la poterie.

      Merci Laurent. Votre gentillesse est toujours apprécié.

  2. Hi again Eddie, thanks very much for your sweet comment.
    Your quote has me recalling some unpleasant remarks I heard a priest saying about a beggar that had asked him for money. The priest was kind to the beggar and gave him a little money, but afterward when the man was far enough away that he couldn’t hear, the priest said awful things about him, and sounded like he had contempt for all homeless or down and out people. Very disturbing to me that a “holy man” could be such a hypocrite.

    • Many have gone through these changes as we know. Your kind heart and thoughts are always a welcome sight.
      Thank you Sue and enjoy a most happy and peaceful week, Eddie

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