Something Divine

springtime forest

I was reminded, this morning before I rose, of those undescribed ambrosial
mornings of summer which I can remember, when a thousand birds were heard
gently twittering and ushering in the light, like the argument to a new
canto of an epic and heroic poem. The serenity, the infinite promise, of
such a morning! The song or twitter of birds drips from the leaves like dew.
Then there was something divine and immortal in our life, when I have waked
up on my couch in the woods and seen the day dawning, and heard the
twittering of the birds.

source: Henry David Thoreau, Journal, March 1852
image: Bing/Images/Spring in the woods


20 thoughts on “Something Divine

  1. That sound of so many birds chirping is indeed divine. During the winter no such sound arises. With the coming of spring and warm days returns that joyful memory. Such good fortune.

  2. Such a serene scene Eddie matched by words to warm ones heart… This morning as the Sun shone early I heard the Dawn Chorus and the Blackbird started the day singing…. Music indeed to my ears x Blessings to you dear Eddie

  3. “like the argument to a new canto”…I love hearing the birds twittering in the morning, and again at dusk as they prepare to settle in the trees for the night. I’ve always wondered what they were telling each other. Now I know.
    Beautiful post.

    • I wonder if the “child like perspective” comes from a lifestyle of simplicity and excited wonder?
      Your kind and thoughtful response is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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