Pisces New Moon-March 2015


              The Pisces new moon combines with a Solar Eclipse to add the potential effects

of an already extremely powerful new moon period. Are you ready for this one folks?

Have you been preparing yourself for what could be the most powerful astrological

event of the year? OK, of course nothing will happen unless you ‘want’ it to happen and

this help is here now, all around you. No, you can’t ‘see’ it. You might be able to

‘feel’ it though. Pluto (transformation) and Uranus (upheaval, sudden change)

are square (challenge to or from the environment). Did you notice anything in

the headlines or your neighborhood lately? This new moon is at the last degree of Pisces.

Deep insights may occur that could provide answers to long, on going problems in the

world politically and socially, as well as with your own lives. Be aware of this and

make room for what might come your way that could help you with your own lives.

Those that have deep spiritual understanding may find at this time a flow of answers

to questions long held in check. Clarity could be obtained

with meditation and peaceful relaxation.


source: Eddie Two Hawks
image: Eddie Two Hawks, Image Files

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