Nature is Alive

full flow with snow in Yellowstone

How charming the contrast of land and water, especially
a temporary island in the flood, with its new and tender shores
of waving outline, so withdrawn yet habitable, above all if it
rises into a hill high above the water and contrasting with it
the more, and if that hill is wooded, suggesting wilderness! Our
vernal lakes have a beauty to my mind which they would not
possess if they were more permanent. Everything is in rapid
flux here, suggesting that Nature is alive to her extremities
and superficies. But this particular phase of beauty is fleeting.
Nature has so many shows for us she cannot afford to give much
time to this.

source: Henry David Thoreau, Journal March 1859
image: Bing/Images/Yellowstone River with Snow Melt


8 thoughts on “Nature is Alive

  1. Yes Nature has so many shows she puts on for us … Each corner we turn we see yet another spectacular show of beauty to behold… ALL ever changing by the moment, Day and Season… Who can compete with that? Amazing.. when you just breathe in all that beauty! 🙂

    • Each breath is an amazement of life. (in my mind)
      Meditate on this and watch you (personal) garden grow.
      Thank you dear Sue for your kindness and continued
      support and interest. Enjoy these precious springtime
      days. with love, Eddie

  2. Danke liebe Eddie ein sehr schönes Foto und Text wünsche dir einen schönen Montag und eine gute neue Woche lieber Gruß und eine Umarmung Gislinde

    • Deine Güte ist immer sehr erfrischend Gislinde und sehr willkommen.
      Genießen Sie diesen schönen Tagen der magischen Luft und Soft touch von Natur. mit Liebe, Eddie

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